I started in the swimming pool industry over 30 years ago as a masonry helper working with a high end builder in New England. Working with my hands and learning the trade of masonry art, I started on the course that would become my career. After working with the masonry department, I was offered the opportunity to work in the service department. From there I started to learn the mechanics and hydraulics of residential and commercial swimming pools.

I did, however, take a break from the pool industry in the late 80’s when I started back into the family business of structural steel work, another form of building art and working with my hands. This took me to the early 90’s to an economic fall in the building industry. Faced with the economic woes, and no steel jobs, I was offered a position in the pool industry for a cleaning and service company. It was at this the time that I knew this was my chosen field. 

From cleaning pools and learning how to troubleshoot and repair, I rose to new heights. The company I was working for was starting to grow as well: we had gone from pool cleaning and repair into remodeling and new construction. I was very fortunate to have such a great teacher during this time, and from there I grew my understanding and love for the art of building and remodeling swimming pools. As the company grew and learned, so did I: by the time I left that position, we had gone from pool cleaners to higher end pool builders constructing pools in Connecticut and the Caribbean. 

My life changed once again when I moved to San Diego to start a new chapter in my career. I was able to find work for a local pool builder; and started my path over once again, working as a pool repair technician for a growing company. I was able to bring my knowledge and experience to lead our repair division from a one truck department to a multi-truck service department handling everything from simple pool repair to the more complex pool remodel. I was able to grow that department into a national and international award winning remodel department.

Once again I was faced with an uncertain future because of a slowing economy and department cut backs, and company closures were at hand.

I set out on my own to start Distinguished Pools; my quest is to build not the biggest, but the best swimming pool company in San Diego. Distinguished Pools was born to provide exceptional professional service to the swimming pool industry. Working with some of the top craftsman in San Diego, Distinguished Pools is able to provide you a piece of “art in water,” not just a backyard pool. Our experienced staff of highly trained professionals will be able to transform the pool of your dreams into a reality. Distinguished Pools offers new pool and spa construction as well as some of the most unique pool remodels ever seen. Our staff of professionals have won countless national and international awards and have been featured in a number of local, national and international publications.

At Distinguished Pools, we approach every pool design by listening to our clients’ needs, gathering information and providing creative input. This philosophy allows us to design a backyard unique to each individual client.

Our company motto: treat every client with the utmost respect, and treat every pool as if it were our own.
Dan Ramos