Swimming pool ownership can be frustrating when your equipment isn’t operating correctly, your pool is leaking, or you’re having trouble keeping your water crystal clear. Or maybe you’d like to reduce your water or energy consumption. No matter your issue, Distinguished Pools can resolve your problems so you can get back to enjoying your pool.



Looking for a swimming pool contractor? Not sure what questions to ask or how to find out more information? Don’t know what a mechanic’s lien is? Please reach out to us for guidance! We can provide you with a Checklist for Homeowners that every home improvement contractor (this includes pool contractors) is required to give you along with their bid or contract. We can also provide you with additional information on the Contractor’s State License Board that will assist you in choosing a reputable contractor and verifying his license. The CSLB also provides other information that every homeowner entering a contract should know, such as information about mechanic’s liens.


Distinguished Pools is committed to water safety. Whether you have children in your home or not, every pool, spa, and water feature owner must adhere to state and local requirements and should be aware of the hazard their pool presents to guests and neighbors. Homeowners with children need to be especially vigilant. Please reach out to us for more information regarding pool barriers, safety measures, drowning prevention and emergency preparedness.


Are you interested in reducing the water or energy consumption associated with your swimming pool? From covers that will help you conserve water to a solar system that will reduce heating costs or a high efficiency, variable speed pump that uses less electricity, let us implement a solution that achieves your reduced consumption goals. Contact us online, or call 858.748.3939.



As a pool builder and National Plasterers Council Auxiliary Member, we know the best way to care for your pool finish. And our Service Professionals will not only clean your pool but also ensure that your equipment is functioning properly.

Our Service Professionals are also repair technicians and are trained to recognize and report emerging issues before they turn into major problems.

Distinguished Pools provides the best service for your investment. Each Service Professional maintains only a small number of pools, ensuring you the best possible service. Our pool cleaning pricing is all-inclusive and provides the following:

  • Brush tile
  • Skim the pool and spa surface
  • Vacuum the pool and spa
  • Empty baskets
  • Test and balance the water

At each service visit we also do a visual inspection of the pool equipment and test-fire the heater to insure operation. Our pool service agreement also includes one filter clean per year and, if applicable, salt cell cleaning every 6 months or as often as needed.

Every Distinguished Pools Service Professional is also a trained repair technician and in most cases can perform repairs with your approval at the time of weekly service.